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Enhance Your Space
& Elevate Your Business

Enhance Your Space
& Elevate Your Business

Set up a regular delivery schedule to keep your space blooming with roses.

Set up a regular delivery schedule to keep your space blooming with roses.

Celebrating 20 years of beautifying businesses!

For nearly two decades our flowers have embellished hotels, restaurants, and events in 87 countries.

By providing an expansive selection of fresh blooms, we’ve become experts at helping clients create a unique ambiance to enhance their business with our FARM-TO-DOOR premium blooms faster and fresher.

Every client is different – and we strive to help them each find the ideal flowers for their event space.

Our goal is to ensure a top-quality experience. Why? We believe that when you’re working with the best selection of fresh flowers, your business can bloom! 

Our Happy Clients
The sickest roses delivered to my door.
    Swan Miami
They are so fresh you can tell they come straight from the farm
The nicest roses i've ever seen
    Tennis Player

Best Wholesale Flowers by Rosaholics Wholesale

Rosaholics Wholesale is a new name in the flower industry. All because we are dedicated to supplying the best wholesale flowers worldwide. Through a passion for excellence and an unwavering commitment to quality, we have established ourselves as a reliable supplier of wholesale flowers.
We understand the importance of fresh and beautiful flowers for various occasions and events. At any business, we strive to offer a wide selection of premium flowers. It is how we can meet each customer's unique needs.
Our collection features a variety of breathtaking flowers. We carefully hand-select the flowers to ensure optimum freshness and longevity, from vibrant roses of many captivating colors, to elegant ranunculus. We offer a wide variety that will win hearts and decorate any setting.
Discover the wonders of the best online wholesale flowers with Rosaholics. Here, superior quality and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of our business.

Order Roses Online Wholesale for Your Business

So, welcome to Rosaholics Wholesale. It is your premier destination for flower delivery for your business. We understand the importance of fresh and beautiful roses to create an ambience. We have an extensive selection of premium roses and a variety of other flowers. And we allow you to create stunning floral arrangements. All of them will captivate your customers.
Rosaholics is ready to meet all of your business' floral needs. Boost your business with the beauty and grace of our exquisite roses wholesale. Find out the types of businesses we partner with now:


Accentuate the elegance of your hotel with the best wholesale flowers from Rosaholics. Our high-quality roses will provide exceptional beauty and lasting freshness.
Choose from a wide range of captivating flowers. So you can complete your hotel's decor. Create stunning floral arrangements, centerpieces and bouquets to wow your guests.
Rosaholics is your trusted partner for all your floral needs. Turn your hotel into a paradise of luxury and beauty. Our exquisite roses wholesale will help you do just that.


Increase the level of service in your restaurant. Order roses online in our store Rosaholics for Business. Our first-class roses are ready to show you beauty and freshness.
You can create stunning table arrangements and centerpieces. Each one is ready to wow your customers. Whether it's a romantic dinner or a special celebration, our wholesale roses will enhance the atmosphere of your restaurant.
With our convenient online ordering system, Rosaholics is your best supplier for all your floral needs. Impress your guests with the elegance and sophistication of our exquisite wholesale roses.


Create a soothing and luxurious atmosphere in your spa. Our carefully grown flowers are perfect for enhancing relaxation and tranquility.
Create a serene atmosphere for your clients. Choose from a stunning assortment of flowers. Our premium flowers are known for their exceptional quality.
We are your trusted partner for all your floral needs. Give your customers the gift of elegance and beauty. You can get it with our flower delivery. Enhance the spa experience for your customers.

Popular Flowers to Order in Bulk

So, has your case come to ordering flowers in bulk? We have several popular options for you. They are widely in demand for various occasions and events. Rosaholics offer a wide selection of popular flowers on our website. It makes ordering in bulk convenient for a variety of businesses. Here are some of the best online wholesale flowers in our store:
  • Roses (different colors). Roses are a timeless classic. They come in different colors, each reflecting different feelings. We have all kinds of roses. From the classic red to the unusual colors of roses, such as black or colored. Plus, for your convenience, we provide a great convenience for businesses. You can order roses in a box!
  • Alstroemeria. These stunning and long-lasting flowers come in a variety of colors. This makes them versatile for any floral arrangement in the business.
  • Astrantia. Known for their delicate and intricate appearance. Astrantia flowers add a unique touch to any centerpiece arrangement
  • Delphiniums. Delphiniums have tall spikes and bright hues. They are a striking addition to floral arrangements, giving them height and drama.
  • Dianthus. You may also know them as "carnations." Dianthus flowers are beloved for their ruffled petals and sweet fragrance. This makes them a popular choice for wholesale flower delivery.
  • Ranunculus Pon Pon. These fluffy and multi-petaled ranunculus flowers come in a wide range of stunning colors. They add elegance and beauty to any arrangement
  • Sunflowers. You may know them for their cheerful and sunny appearance. They are a favorite choice for bulk orders. All because they are perfect for adding brightness to any space.
Want to take your business to the next level? Then look for the best wholesale flowers presented on the Rosaholics website. They are sure to satisfy your needs! All this is due to their beauty, quality, and variety.

Choose Nationwide Flower Delivery

Do you need to find order roses online but with nationwide delivery? Then choose Rosaholics. We can guarantee that your flowers will be expertly arranged and delivered anywhere in the country.
Rosaholics flower delivery offers a wide selection of stunning bouquets and arrangements for any business. Trust us to deliver your messages of beauty and freshness. Create exquisite floral creations for your business.

Our Wholesale Flowers Guarantee

At Rosaholics Wholesale, we pride ourselves on our wholesale flower guarantee. We strive to provide our customers with high-quality wholesale flowers. And they meet the highest standards of freshness and beauty.
We carefully select our flowers at our farm. We then meticulously inspect each flower to ensure optimum quality. We guarantee that our wholesale flowers will be delivered in pristine condition. They are ready to be turned into stunning arrangements.
If you have any problems with your order, our dedicated customer service team is ready to help you promptly and find a satisfactory solution. Your satisfaction is our priority. So we guarantee the quality of our wholesale flowers.