Silver Fresh Roses

Farm-to-Door —3x Times Fresher Blooms.
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Silver roses boast their earthy, simple, and delicate charm. They are a divine masterpiece created by our florists. Each rose petal shimmers like moonlight on water, radiating a mesmerizing silver sheen. It mesmerizes all who look at them. Their enchanting scent carries a hint of mystery, evoking a sense of tranquility.

These exquisite silver roses, you can buy online wholesale. They open gracefully, revealing an intricate symphony of silver hues. Soft and silky to the touch, the petals invite a gentle touch. Their velvety texture recalls the soft glow of the moon. With their subtle silver hues, they seem to reflect the secrets of the night sky, whispering tales of dreams and magic.

When silver roses bloom, they cast a spell of serenity. They transport fans to the realm of unearthly beauty. Their timeless elegance makes them the perfect decoration for various events. A single silver rose can convey emotions that are impossible to express with words. And a wholesale bouquet of these shining flowers creates an enchanting picture. It ignites feelings and excites the imagination.

Silver rose petals embody grace, charm, and otherworldly appeal in the realm of flowers. It enchants all who are privileged to contemplate its exquisite form.


Order Silver Rose Delivery Online

Let yourself be enchanted by silver rose with our convenient online delivery service. In just a few clicks, you can order these exquisite flowers. You can have them delivered to your desired location with wholesale options.

With a captivating silver sheen and delicate charm, our roses are the perfect choice for those looking for a unique and elegant ordering option for business. If you want to add charm to a special occasion, our online ordering platform makes it effortless.

Choose the number of roses you want. Specify your delivery address and our expert florists will hand-pick the freshest flowers and arrange them with the utmost care. Each stem will be carefully packed. That way, we can ensure safe arrival and preserve the ethereal beauty of silver rose petals.


Rose Care Tips

Taking care of roses is essential to ensure their health and beauty. Follow these tips so your silver roses will thrive:

  • Cut off the excess. So, the first step after receiving the bouquet is to trim it. Cut the stems at a 45-degree angle. Remove the leaves in the water, or they will rot.
  • Use clean water. Fill your vase with clean, warm water. Use a floral preservative for longer-lasting durability.
  • Check your bouquet. Keep an eye on the condition of the rose petals. Remove any wilted or damaged petals.
  • Location. Roses prefer a cool environment. Keep roses out of direct sunlight and heat.
  • Change the water regularly. Empty the vase every two to three days and fill it with fresh water.
  • Moisten the petals. To make your bouquet last longer, we recommend sprinkling the leaves. 

By following these tips, you will care for your roses and enjoy their stunning blooms longer.

Shipping Information

All orders are shipped via UPS Priority / FedEx with an exceptionally high 99% on-time delivery rate. Our farm-fresh flowers are unique in that they are harvested shortly before shipment, which guarantees extra freshness and longer vase life. For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.