Alstroemerias Box

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All our flowers are adequately supervised right from the first day they’re planted until the moment which they are delivered to you. We care for them and treat them in the healthiest state possible, one which they can stay in for a very long time even without our presence and nutrition. We only grow sustainable flowers with the most scintillating fragrance, and this makes them stand out anywhere in the world. Our Fine Alstroemerias, possess exceptionally long life, and can bloom for more than three weeks when we deliver themthis means we give you three good weeks of putting a consistent smile on the face of your loved one with some Wild Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lilies). 

Our Wild Alstroemerias (Peruvian Lillies) are the definition of true beauty as they’re mainly grown to radiate more than enough charm and give off the air of royalty and pure graciousness. As gifts, they have never failed to be more than exceptional, and our clients are exceptionally attracted to the WildAlstroemerias (Peruvian Lillies).     


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