The Rosaholics Difference

Your business deserves the best. When it comes to floral décor for business needs, every detail matters. Flowers should be vibrant, luxurious and – above all – they should stay FRESH.

Unfortunately, most traditional flower wholesalers can’t keep up with today’s high standards for hotel, restaurant, event planning, and small business décor needs.

That's exactly why we have a unique approach for providing fresher flowers for your business — we don't cut the blooms until you order them.

This farm-direct service model ensures that every single bloom in your bouquet is clipped at peak quality right before shipping to your business. It's a simple solution, but it's pretty revolutionary in the floral industry.

Traditional Business Blooms = cut flowers sit for days in refrigerators, going stale before they're shipped to their final destination.

Rosaholics = flowers are cut fresh the moment you order, then shipped directly to your business! 


Helping Hotels, Restaurants & Event Planners Create a Special Setting

Believe it or not, our luxury roses have been enjoyed by flower enthusiasts worldwide (87 countries and counting)! Some of the most exciting business owners and business management groups rely on Rosaholics to provide fresh flowers for their enterprises, to the delight of prominent guests who expect the finest details and latest designer settings.

We’re trusted by an amazing group of business owners, and our flowers can be found decorating fine dining tabletops and luxury hotel lobbies in some of the most exciting establishments. That includes many premier restaurants and hotels in Aspen, Miami, New Orleans and beyond.

Event planners can also count on us to provide an amazing array of color variety – essential when planning flower décor for weddings, anniversaries, banquets, and other special occasions. Because we are so passionate about providing the best quality roses around – direct to your business – we consider every single order a top priority.

Classic roses, exciting new varieties, and custom bouquets – no matter what you’re ordering or the occasion, we’ll deliver your flowers with exceptional attention to detail and outstanding service. We’ll make sure that you get the healthiest, freshest blooms.