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Indeed at least once in your life, you noticed flowers that just captivated your soul. You know, those flowers with velvet petals and dizzying curves. Most likely, they were dianthus flowers. This type of flowers adds elegance and charm to any floral arrangement. People often appreciate these flowers for their intricate petals and enchanting fragrance.

Dianthus flowers showcase a wide range of interesting colors. You can find shades of pink, red, white, and even bicolor. The petals of these attractive flowers are most often serrated. Such a thrilling look creates a distinct and eye-catching texture. The flower is quite compact but only has a very strong stem. This strength makes this category of flowers ideal for floral arrangements.

Buying dianthus flowers wholesale, your business will bloom with these flowers. They captivate the senses with their delightful fragrance. They have a sweet, spicy scent that floats in the air for a long time. It creates a pleasant and soothing atmosphere.


Dianthus Flowers Delivery

Do you want to get a special floral decoration for your event? Or do you want to decorate your space with the beauty of dianthus flowers? Don't even doubt it! Our Rosaholics delivery service will bring the allure of these captivating flowers to the right place.

Our dianthus delivery will be a reliable and convenient option. You can easily decorate someone's day with these beautiful flowers. Just choose the dianthus flowers wholesale that you like. Perhaps it will be bright pink or romantically red. Either way, you choose what you like.

Our experienced florists carefully select the freshest dianthus flowers. That is why we guarantee their quality and durability. Each composition we carefully thought out down to the smallest detail. All because we strive to demonstrate the natural beauty of these flowers. We take great care to coordinate colors, texture, and aesthetic appeal.

Order dianthus delivery if you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary or want to decorate your business place. Our Rosaholics flower delivery service guarantees that your sincere message will be conveyed in the language of flowers.


Dianthus Flower Care

So, do you want to ensure the beauty and longevity of your dianthus flowers? If the answer is yes, follow our recommendations. You will be able to enjoy the presence of these flowers for a long time to come:

  • Sunlight. This flower loves light. Try to find a place with 6-8 hours of direct sunlight.
  • Watering. Regularly change the water at your dianthus flowers. The stems of these flowers need to get a sufficient amount of water.
  • Fertilization. Since dianthus can bloom for a long time, we recommend adding fertilizer. It promotes healthy and abundant blooms.
  • Removal of fading flowers. Regularly remove blooms that have bloomed by pinching or pruning them. Beheading promotes prolonged flowering and prevents the plant from expending energy on seed production.

By providing regular, proper care, you can ensure dianthus flowers wholesale will thrive and delight you with their bright colors and pleasant fragrance.

Shipping Information

All orders are shipped via UPS Priority / FedEx with an exceptionally high 99% on-time delivery rate. Our farm-fresh flowers are unique in that they are harvested shortly before shipment, which guarantees extra freshness and longer vase life. For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.