Calling all event planners! This guide helps you create the most amazing moments by putting extra attention into flower selection and decor strategies. Get inspiration for life’s most special occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, weddings – and make those celebrations feel magical for years to come. It all starts with the right flowers…

Best Birthday Blooms

Flowers are a classic birthday gift. Whether you’re throwing a surprise birthday bash or selecting the perfect birthday flowers for delivery, we’ve got a few tips for transforming a good gift into an amazing gift that they’ll never forget.

  • Flower Color – Flower color can hold special symbolism and draw out distinct emotions. For example, yellow blooms are associated with happiness and positivity, while red blooms are often associated with love and passion. Not only should you consider the birthday boy or birthday girl’s favorite colors when choosing a flower bouquet, but it’s worth recognizing the symbolism of classic flower arrangements, too. Exotic blooms – like purple roses, tie-dye roses, or artsy paint-splattered roses – are ideal for festive, fun occasions like birthday parties. If it’s a special milestone birthday, like turning 50, 75 or 80 years old, a more sentimental selection, like natural white roses, may be a more poignant gift to mark the occasion.
  • Bouquet Type – You really can’t go wrong with the type of flowers you get for a birthday, but if you want to make the recipient feel extra special, long-stem roses are a great option.
  • Bonus Points – How old are they turning? Customize your flower bouquet to make it extra special – 21 roses for a 21-year-old, 50 roses for a 50-year-old, etc. But always read the room – if they’re feeling sensitive about their age, it’s better to send a standard dozen or two dozen roses instead of calling attention to the years.

Special Roses for Anniversary

Roses are perfect for relationship anniversaries! Roses already have a romantic connotation that’s stronger than other flower varieties. Here are a few ideas for taking your anniversary gift or event decor to the next level.

  • Flower Color – Timeless color choices are key for anniversary flowers. Red roses, white roses and pink roses offer classic elegance, but don’t be afraid to create a combination of these within a single bouquet. Love Potion and Crush are great bouquet options for adding more depth and dynamic color while keeping a romantic appearance.
  • Bouquet Type – Long. Stem. Roses. We can’t emphasize this enough! Long-stem roses offer enhanced romance and mark the occasion in a way that emphasizes that the spark is still alive in your relationship.
  • Bonus Points – If you’re planning an event, loose rose petals are essential. Scatter fresh rose petals across the table for a romantic candlelight dinner or shape them into a heart on the bed. And if you’re having the flowers delivered, be sure to order luxury wrap for an elegant touch!

Fantastic Wedding Flowers

Wedding planners understand how important flowers are on the big day! What’s tricky about planning wedding flowers is that you can’t miss a beat – this isn’t a one and done design. You’ll need to think about every aspect of wedding flowers, including the bridal bouquet, boutonnieres, corsages, the flower girl bouquet, table decor, aisle decor, etc. It’s a lot to consider, so planning ahead is essential. Here are some recommendations that can help.

  • Flower Color – What color is the wedding party wearing? Try to play off that color in the flower decor. If the bridesmaids are wearing maroon, then blush color roses with a few accents of deep maroon petals can be a great choice. It’s best not to go with a monochromatic choice here. Instead, use the wedding party color as an accent color in floral displays.
  • Bouquet Type – You’ll need it all! Flower bouquets can be wrapped with ribbons to be event-ready, while loose petals can be scattered along the aisle or atop cocktail tables for a romantic touch. If you’re clipping the flowers down to make your own corsages and boutonnieres, be sure to choose a variety of sturdy roses along with a selection of more petite spray roses so you can experiment with size and create a display that has variations in depth.
  • Bonus Points – Order more flowers than you think you need! Wedding events can be hectic, and you’ll want to have extra blooms on hand for when a box gets left behind at the hotel or the bride decides last minute that she wants a fresh flower crown that matches the rest of the wedding decor.

Get a Sample Before the Event

Experienced event planners know that it’s best to try out decor plans before the big day. If you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, or anniversary dinner and inviting guests, it’s best to have your decor ideas solidified in advance. Order a few dozen flowers 3-4 months before the day of the event so that you can be sure the colors coordinate perfectly with other elements of decor, like napkins, banners and table runners.


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March 28, 2023 — Juan Torres