The spa is often considered a sacred space – guests want to be pampered and rejuvenated with a refreshed sense of spirit. A trip to the spa is a break from the hustle and bustle, and spa décor is essential in creating that oasis from everyday life. 

In a spa setting, flowers can have an immediate impact on the guest experience, enhancing the ambiance and elevating the setting. But the color, spa flower type, and display style can also play a role in the impact fresh flowers make.

Whether you’re curating the interior design for spas in the city or a dedicated spa room or massage table in a resort, hotel, or bed and breakfast, your design approach can make all the difference. Learn how to decorate your business with spa colored flowers using proven design techniques.

This guide provides hands-on guidance on how to choose the right flowers for your spa and how to display the flowers in a way that enhances the mood, character, and personality of your wellness center. Decorate your place with a spa bouquet correctly, and you’ll impress guests – and keep customers coming back!

Best SPA Flowers for Décor

The flower type is monumental when decorating a spa. Spa flowers shape, form, and size work at the subconscious level to create different emotional responses. Small and frilly petals can feel dainty, while elongated petals with thicker stems can feel modern and strong. Ultimately, flower style plays a role in creating the ambiance in a spa.

Since most spas try to lean into relaxation, it’s best to avoid flowers that feel playful. For example, daisies and sunflowers are great for other occasions, but they tend to be too energetic for a spa setting. Flowers that express elegance, rejuvenation, and calm are more popular for spa décor. With that said, striking the right tone for your spa can help it delight customers and stand out from other wellness centers.

Here are the best spa flower types for spas, organized by décor strategy and mood.

  • Delicate Spa Décor – Flowers that are wispy, thin, and intricate can be the perfect touch for making the space feel delicate and feminine. Delphinium is an excellent choice, as it has tiny blossoms and a dainty form. Masterwort (also called Astrantia) is another great option, with slightly more streamlined stems and a bulbed bloom shape. Either of these flower types can fill a vase beautifully and create a heavenly ambiance that’s perfect for a spa.
  • Modern Spa Décor – For a more modern feel, windflowers (also called anemone) provide a beautiful pop of color with a pronounced center for exciting color contrast. Flat, rounded petals have a designer look. Ranunculus is another beautiful flower type for modern spa décor. Similar in volume to a rose, ranunculus spa bouquets have a more tightly cupped shape that looks luxurious. Both windflowers and ranunculus are great options for creating a contemporary spa setting.
  • Classic Spa Décor Roses are the epitome of luxury and romance, making them a traditional pick for spa décor. You simply can’t go wrong with fresh roses for a spa. Alstroemeria (also called Peruvian lilies) provide a fresh feel that can enhance any spa setting. Alstroemeria is also great for tucking into other flower arrangements and adding volume to bouquets.

Picking the right spa colored flowers for décor can feel tricky, so it’s best to try out a few different varieties and styles before deciding on the perfect flower décor for your spa.

Color Theory for Spa Flowers

In addition to shape and form, color is obviously a big part of setting a specific tone with interior design and flower décor. Color can have a subconscious effect, creating an emotional response in guests, so your selection should be much more meaningful than simply picking out a spa flower color that you like.

Most spas stay within a monochromatic style for interior décor. White and cream colors are – by far – the most popular part of the color wheel for spa décor, making white roses and white windflowers both excellent choices for decorating your business with fresh spa bouquets.

With that said, pastel hues can also create a feeling of freshness and relaxation in a spa setting. Pink dianthus flowers, lavender roses, and peach roses can add soft color to the space without distracting from the soothing setting.

If your spa is leaning into a natural theme with organic materials and simple décor, you may also want to consider light green roses – these are absolutely gorgeous and can blend in well with an organic spa décor theme that aims to connect with the natural world.

3 Perfect Flower Displays for a Spa and Wellness Center

  1. Blooming Welcome Wall – Make your space feel fresh from the first moment guests step in! A welcome wall is a vertical display covered in fresh roses. Many businesses like to add their logo to the center with halogen lights. Adding a blooming welcome wall is a refreshing approach to spa décor. Not only does it feel fun and welcoming, but it provides a space for guests to have a photo op – essential for bridal parties and friend groups that are spending the day at the spa. With a fresh spa flower wall staged in the lobby, don’t be surprised when the spa gets tagged on social media!
  2. Floating Flowers – Did you know that roses float? Set up a soothing display that has fresh roses and floating candles. This display can be staged in the restroom, lounge, or main spa area, and it works best with spa colored flowers that have a large bloom, like roses or ranunculus. Be sure to snip the stem off the fresh flowers so they float with ease!
  3. Classic Vase – Understated elegance can really enhance a spa setting. Fresh spa bouquets shine best when presented in a basic, solid-colored vase. Glass vases are ideal for elegant settings like spas and wellness centers. Display a single rose in a small glass vase to create a feeling of simplicity, relaxation, and zen.

Bonus Idea: Single Rose in Dressing Area – Does your spa provide bathrobes or slippers? If so, set a single clipped rose on top of neatly folded towels or bathrobes to strike a sense of luxury and make every guest feel pampered.

Fresh is Always Best 

No matter what color and display area you dream up for your spa, always keep it fresh! Customers and guests take notice of these things, and faux flowers can leave a tacky impression. The details are so important when it comes to creating a great reputation for your spa business, so stick with fresh spa flowers – always.

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June 15, 2023 — Juan Torres