Flowers have an immediate impact on the guest experience, enhancing the ambiance and elevating the setting. But the color and location of flower displays can also play a role in the impact they make on hotel guests. Whether you’re curating the interior design for an independent hotel, roadside motel, lodge, bed and breakfast, or renowned hotel chain, you can make a significant difference by learning different types of flower arrangements in hotels.

This guide provides hands-on guidance on how to choose the right flowers for your hotel operations and how to display the flowers in a way that enhances the mood, character, and personality of your business. Learn how to decorate your business with hotel flower arrangements, and you’ll impress guests and keep customers coming back!

Color Theory for Decorating Hotels with Flowers

Color is obviously a big part of setting a specific tone. Do you want the space to feel fun and playful? Trustworthy and traditional? Sophisticated and elegant? Color can have a subconscious effect, creating an emotional response in guests, so your selection should be much more meaningful than simply picking out a flower color that you like.

Traditional flowers, like red roses or white roses, are both elegant and classic, so they’re a great choice as a traditional decoration for hotels that want to keep a mature ambiance that feels timeless. If your hotel caters to business travelers or hosts business conferences frequently, even better! A classic choice like a white rose bouquet or red rose bouquet will be perfect for maintaining a professional ambiance.

But there’s no need to stick to the classics – especially if you’re trying to curate a unique experience for guests. Many bed and breakfast lodgings and AirBnB hosts prefer to embrace eye-catching decor that looks great in photos. Why? Because it attracts guests! Hotel travelers are often looking for lodging that will make a great backdrop for their vacation photos.

If you want to grab attention and draw in a younger crowd, consider creating ‘Instagrammable’ spaces with wild colors and dramatic displays. Playful and creative hotel settings do well with more exotic colors that are unexpected, like purple hotel flower arrangements, tie-dye roses, and other fresh mixes that guests have never seen before.

Another idea is to coordinate your flowers for the hotel with your business branding. This is particularly effective for small hotels that are still trying to gain recognition from customers and stick in people’s minds. Bright yellow logo? Go with bright yellow blooms at the check-in desk!

And finally, never underestimate the power of a simple vase. Fresh flowers are always the focal point, and they shine best when presented in a basic, solid-colored vase. Glass vases are ideal for elegant business settings, while mason jars or repurposed pitchers can help create a unique and modern farmhouse aesthetic for bed and breakfast hotels and small independent lodgings.

In other words, always coordinate the flower display – vase included – with the tone of your hotel. What impression should your hotel have on its guests? Take these considerations for color theory and display into mind when choosing hotel flower arrangements.

5 Ways to Display Flowers in a Hotel

Now that you’ve got a grasp on color theory, it’s time to think about different types of flower arrangement in hotels and where the flowers will go. Space is a hot commodity in any business, so don’t take this decision lightly. Here are 5 ideal areas to place flower decor in a hotel.

  • Lobby – Make a great first impression by setting up a breathtaking display right at the entrance of the hotel. The lobby is a space where you can go big – include 3 or 4 dozen roses in a single arrangement. 
  • Front Desk – Again, having a great check-in experience can put guests in a positive frame of mind right away – and that’s priceless when it comes to the customer experience. However, don’t let the flowers get in the way of conducting business. Usually, a small flower for hotel display – even a single rose in a small vase – is a smart way to add a beautiful touch without being burdensome or reducing important desk space.
  • Elevator Landings – This is an area where guests tend to stand around waiting for a while. Keep them occupied by having a gorgeous display near the elevator landing on each floor.
  • Restroom Areas – Everyone loves a fancy powder room, and a fresh bouquet of roses in the restroom can make guests feel pampered.
  • End of Hallway – For hotels with several wings and long hallways, having a table at the end of each hallway is a great way to cap off the floor. Plus, the natural light from the windows can help enhance the display.

Fresh is Always the Best 

No matter what color and display area you dream up, always keep it fresh! Hotel guests take notice of these things, and faux hotel flower arrangements can leave a tacky impression. The details are so important when it comes to creating a great reputation for your hotel, so stick with fresh flowers – always.

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June 15, 2023 — Juan Torres