Decorating can be high stakes in the casino business! Learn how to use fresh flowers for casino decorating and guest appreciation prizes.

Flowers have an immediate impact on the guest experience, enhancing the ambiance and elevating the setting. But the casino color schemes and location of flower displays can also play a role. Whether you’re operating a gambling establishment in Las Vegas, New Jersey or somewhere in between, you can make a significant difference by learning how to decorate your casino with fresh flowers.

This guide provides hands-on guidance for how to choose the right flowers for your casino, recommendations on red and black bouquets, and how to display the flowers in a way that enhances the ambiance of your gaming location. Learn casino décor ideas and how to decorate your casino with flowers correctly! So, you’ll have guests spending more time on the casino floor – and keep them coming back!

Color Theory for Casino Flower Displays

Color is obviously a big part of setting a specific tone in casino decorating. Do you want the casino floor to feel fun and playful? Trustworthy and traditional? Sophisticated and elegant? Color can have a subconscious effect, creating an emotional response in guests, so your selection should be much more meaningful than simply picking out a flower color that you like.

Red and black roses for a casino? Perfect! Red and black are iconic for casino card games like poker and roulette, so red and black bouquets are perfect for doubling down on the theme. Here are 5 bouquets with red and black roses that are ideal for the casino floor.

  • Classic Red Roses – Vibrant red roses with exceptional volume and delicate shape suit any casino color scheme.
  • Black Mamba Roses – No magic here! These are real black roses that will blow guests away.
  • Manchester Roses – Combo of crimson-red and velvety-black petals on each rose. Mesmerizing!
  • Dolce Amore Roses – Red exterior petals with a cream-colored central bud. More beautiful than the Queen of Hearts!
  • Eros Roses – Hot pink roses with black exterior petals give a sultry feeling perfect for the poker table.

While red and black feels natural in a casino decorating, you may also prefer a more elegant, understated approach to your casino décor. Traditional flowers, like white roses, are beautiful and classic, so they’re a great choice for upscale casinos that want to keep a mature ambiance that feels timeless. White roses are also great for brightening up the casino floor, which can sometimes feel dark and enclosed.

Purple, silver, blue, pink – any casino color scheme can work in a casino so long as it’s coordinated with the tone of the establishment. No matter what color you go with, always coordinate the flower display – vase included – with the tone of your casino and the impression you want the casino to have on its customers. Take these considerations for color theory and display into mind when choosing flowers for decorating your casino.

7 Ways to Use Flowers in a Casino

Now that you’ve got a grasp on color theory, it’s time to think about casino décor ideas, including where the flowers will go. Space is a hot commodity in any business – including casinos – so don’t take this decision lightly. Here are 5 ideal areas to place flower décor in a casino.

  1. Casino FloorFlowers can lift the ambiance of the casino and create a sense of luxury, which is always good when guests are ready to gamble! Stage bouquets strategically throughout the casino floor so that they feel natural without getting in the way of the real action – the games!
  2. Big Prize Winners – Did someone win a car or hit the jackpot? Make sure the casino decorating is prepared for big photo ops and present winners with massive bouquets on stage to boost the excitement.
  3. High Stakes RoomPrivate poker rooms and high stakes areas should always feel more embellished than the open casino floor. Create a sense of opulence by going all out in these areas, with massive flower displays that express abundance, wealth, and elegance. Just be sure to keep displays off to the side so they don’t distract from the table where games are being played.
  4. VIP + Casino Rewards Members – If you have a special check-in process for rewards members, having a fresh bouquet of flowers already staged in their room can make them feel important and welcome – and likely to come back. Pro tip: keep a list of preferences on hand for VIP guests, including their preferred flower color.
  5. Restroom Areas – Everyone loves a fancy powder room, and a fresh bouquet of roses in the restroom can make guests feel pampered while they take a break from the fun and games.
  6. Cashier – Cashing out or getting set up to spend big money is an important moment in the casino experience. A beautiful casino color scheme can put gamblers and casino guests in a positive frame of mind right away – and that’s priceless when it comes to the customer experience. Fresh flowers can encourage a better mood, which means guests have more fun or leave the casino on a high note. However, don’t let the flowers get in the way of conducting business. Usually, a small flower display – even a single rose in a small vase – is a smart way to add a beautiful touch to the cashier table without being burdensome or reducing important space.
  7. Special Event Spaces – Got a show going on in the theatre? A robust flower display can help draw attention to special events taking place at the casino and grab the attention of guests so they know where to get tickets. Coordinate the color of the bouquet with the theme of the show for synchronicity.

Fresh is Always Best 

No matter what color and display area you dream up, always keep it fresh! Casino guests take notice of these things, and faux flowers can leave a tacky impression. The casino decorating details are so important when it comes to creating a great reputation for your business, so stick with fresh flowers – always.

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June 15, 2023 — Juan Torres