With love from the colorful heartland of Ecuador, where the best roses grow thanks to the abundance of natural sunlight and high altitudes, our award-winning farm does an amazing job blending beautiful cultivation while running social, environmental and wildlife programs. We make sure that you get the healthiest, ripest blooms every time thanks to our "you order, we cut them" approach and our farm-to-door delivery service.


Don’t settle for the same old floral arrangement that’s been sitting in a local fridge nearby. Swap your stale floral routine for an exciting alternative that opens the door to exotic flowers grown with care in South America. 

Our luxurious roses are sourced from our own farm, a family-run farm in Cotopaxi, Ecuador that relies on floral farming expertise infused with genuine passion for providing the most dazzling roses imaginable. The team of local Ecuadorian experts carefully tends to each harvested rose, showcasing top-notch dedication while demonstrating a commitment to sustainable practices.

Get your fix of exotic roses without the expensive plane ticket! Roses are securely transported from the family-run farm in Ecuador straight to your doorstep so you can indulge in a stimulating bouquet of fresh roses grown near the Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador—right in the comfort of your own home. 

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We make it easy to enjoy fresh roses harvested from an environmentally friendly, family-run farm.

There’s no question about it—sustainability is an incredible priority in our company. After all, appreciating the immense beauty of nature is at the heart of our service. And how can you enjoy the delights of Mother Nature without evaluating your own impact on the planet?

We think it’s essential to consider how our rose delivery service impacts the environment. And that’s exactly why we make a point to harvest our roses responsibly, relying on eco-friendly practices and products every step of the way.

How are we able to do this? Because our roses are sourced directly from our family-run farm in Ecuador, we are able to ensure the highest standards that we have set for ourselves. Unlike companies that use mass-production, we keep a close relationship with every member of our exceptional team, so we know that every rose is being harvested by caring hands.

And to top it off, we are Rainforest Alliance Certified! So go ahead and indulge in your fresh bouquet of delivered roses, enjoying the confidence of choosing an eco-friendly option. Take a look at our newest bouquets today.