Chelsea Roses

Farm-to-Door —3x Times Fresher Blooms.
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Our Chelsea bouquet is known for its striking beauty and unique coloring. Chelsea roses display a fascinating combination of blue petals with a contrasting white in the center of each flower. This unusual coloring of blue and white roses fascinates the eye. It adds mystery to any flower arrangement.

The deep blue hue of the rose petals reminds one of the vast expanses of the sky on a night. The velvety texture of the petals makes them even more attractive to the eye and the touch.

A delicate and pure white appears in the core of each rose. It creates a striking focal point. This ethereal contrast of white and blue roses wholesale symbolizes purity and innocence. They provide a soft balance with the rich blue color surrounding them. In the depths of each flower, it is as if a small piece of paradise is enclosed.

Blue and white roses wholesale is not just a visual treat. They are a testament to the ability to create breathtaking art. They serve as a reminder to appreciate beauty. Whether used in hotel decoration, in event embellishment, or as a photography background, blue and white roses leave a lasting impression. They whisper tales of elegance and charm to all who encounter them.


Blue and White Roses Delivery

Experience the allure of blue and white roses with our exquisite delivery service. Amaze people with the mesmerizing beauty of these unique flowers. Our blue and white roses are carefully selected for vibrant hues and impeccable quality. Each petal has a deep blue hue, thanks to the quality paint. The pristine white center adds elegance and purity. 

Whether it's a big celebration or a place decoration, our delivery service ensures that your blue and white roses will be delivered in perfect condition. We always have meticulous attention to detail. We strive for customer satisfaction and a seamless experience from order to delivery.

Let the ethereal beauty of blue and white roses wholesale complement your business place. Immerse it in the magic of these enchanting flowers. 


Rose Care Tips

Taking care of roses is essential to ensure their health and beauty. Follow these tips so your white and blue roses wholesale will thrive:

  • Cut off the excess. So, the first step after receiving the bouquet is to trim it. Cut the stems at a 45-degree angle. Remove the leaves in the water, or they will rot.
  • Use clean water. Fill your vase with clean, warm water. Use a floral preservative for longer-lasting durability.
  • Check your bouquet. Keep an eye on the condition of the blue and white roses. Remove any wilted or damaged petals.
  • Location. Roses prefer a cool environment. Keep roses out of direct sunlight and heat.
  • Change the water regularly. Empty the vase every two to three days and fill it with fresh water.
  • Moisten the petals. To make your bouquet last longer, we recommend sprinkling the leaves. 

By following these tips, you will care for your roses and enjoy their stunning blooms for a long time.

Shipping Information

All orders are shipped via UPS Priority / FedEx with an exceptionally high 99% on-time delivery rate. Our farm-fresh flowers are unique in that they are harvested shortly before shipment, which guarantees extra freshness and longer vase life. For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.